Friday, December 16, 2005

Right On...

Bob Lefsetz has an amazing blog/newsletter that talks about the music business on the major label level. Almost every day he debunks the secretive and self-defeating bullshit that goes on within the walls at the Dino-corps. Today he offered the following send up on the industry touting the upcoming Microstoft/MTV download store as an iPod/iTunes "killer".
"It took almost twenty years, but then it became clear. MTV was the major labels’ worst nightmare. Oh, it blew acts up. But they fell to earth so quickly that people rushed to get out of the way, not wanting to be tainted by the shit that emanated from the impact. I.e., you’ve got no careers and no catalog sales. Sound like a recipe for success? Then why did Time Warner blow out Warner Music at such a cheap price? Why did Sony merge with BMG?

Then you’ve got these same ignoramuses functioning in the online sphere. Or not functioning, as the case might be. Hell, they sued almost a thousand people for trading THIS WEEK! It’s almost as if Wham-O had a big campaign promoting Hula-Hoops. OR, we started seeing ads for Maypo on TV. HUH? Doesn’t everybody have an iPod? Aren’t iPods GOOD for music? Good for music, bad for major labels. At least that’s the way the major labels see it. Married to the CD paradigm, too fucking stupid to see there might be another way."

You can find the full article, as well as an archive of previous posts here.

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