Sunday, February 19, 2006

My First Post About Actual Music

After spending the entirety of my adult life around the "business" of music or somewhat related fields, I go through spells of really losing my enthusiasm for new music. As a music fan, it means I spend considerable time re-listening to existing collection and becoming reacquainted with old favorites.

And then there are the times when something comes along like a breath of fresh air and restores your faith in underground music. This time, that band has been Be Your Own Pet, who I was fortunate enough to catch at Maxwells.

Here's the disclaimer: I don't really read alot of the the hipster music press for the latest trendy band of the month, nor do I slobber in pavlovian ecstasy when the Pitchfork ilk extolls someone's virtues. Truth be told, I usually vacillate between rolling my eyes at, and/or wanting to punch said hipsters in their bony necks. I really walked into this event not knowing at all what to expect.

What I got was a very young band who could have been one of the best bands of the whole late 80's nascent indie rock scene. A post Black Flag / pre- Grunge SST sound? Toss in a little No-Wave? Fast, energetic, quirky with elements of Greg Ginn guitars and a female frontperson who conjures her inner HR with perpetual energy, and doesn't rely on sex appeal as a crutch. For those of you who remember the Lismar Lounge on 1st Ave. in NYC, they wipe the fuckin' floor with that entire scene.

Anyone with any sense of true punkhardcoredom in their veins must see this band live. For a tidbit, check out this cool video of byoP posted by the Ecstatic Peace folks. [note: beware crappy camcorder audio.]

I cannot wait to see what they come up with when they go into the studio.

Send them love here.

That is all.

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