Sunday, March 05, 2006

Punks Not As Dead As I Thought

Punknews has posted on riots at the British Invasion 2k6 festival in San Bernadino. Nazis vs. ARA skins and punks, cops with tear gas, and a stabbing. Given my feeling on the yesterdays example of the Disney-fication of punk, why do I not really feel all that happy about this? But I guess that's the powderkeg you get when you mix old school skinhead bands with dubious right wing politics and a fiesty bunch of leftys.

More at The San Bernadino Sun.

Update: Some footage from YouTube. ("Yah Dude. Trash the place dude.") Take your frustrations out on a restaurant where people who had nothing to do with your bullshit are employed.

Everyone needs to get laid. Really.

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togetherwesurvive! said...

no those fu.ckers at jack in the box where bitches charging water for people that couldnt even stand making fun of us behind a glass window...kicking us all out ..that was stupid...they couldve helped us out alittle