Friday, June 30, 2006

Radiohead Mulls Self-Distributing Upcoming Album

In an interview with Radiohead front man Thom Yorke, his response to whether they would distribute their next album, The Eraser, he hesitantly said yes. "We have two or three options and that's one," he said. "I would love for us to drop a chemical weapon within the music industry. But I don't see it as our responsibility, either."
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This would be the starting gun that truly launches music business 2.0. Radiohead doesn't need the two things that record companies really provide these days- investment capital and business administration. The band can easily produce their own music and then monetize it in any number of ways before it even went out to stores. I'm sure Apple would cough up a pretty penny to get some kind of exclusive on it. Even if they didn't go for the up front bucks from anyone, the money from digital microchunks alone would be incredible. Ringtones, videos, song streams, downloads. The only thing they'd really need is an entity to handle manufacturing and shipping of records to real world stores. That's if this release wasn't the first truly digital hit.

Way to bend 'em over.

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