Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So It Appears That Piracy Is A Business Model

Newsflash: It is better to embrace technology than spend your war chest fighting it!

Yes! According to arstechnica, Disney ABC has finally gotten wind that maybe trying to sue the pants off of people and turning all that sharing into money might not be a bad thing.

"So we understand piracy now as a business model," said Sweeney in a recent analyst call. "It exists to serve a need in the marketplace specifically for consumers who want TV content on demand and it competes for consumers the same way we do, through high-quality, price and availability and we don't like the model. But we realize it's effective enough to make piracy a key competitor going forward. And we've created a strategy to address this threat with attractive, easy to use ways to for viewers to get the content they want from us legally; in other words, keeping honest people honest."

With Universal and WMG making deals with GoogleTube, are they actually gonna bumble their way into getting it right?

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